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Air Conditioning Installations

Our Air Conditioning Installation service offers comprehensive solutions for residential, domestic, and commercial customers seeking optimal climate control. With a focus on efficiency and comfort, our skilled technicians assess your space to determine the ideal system size and configuration. We prioritize seamless integration, ensuring that the installation process is minimally disruptive to your routine. Our wide range of cutting-edge systems caters to diverse needs, allowing us to provide tailored cooling solutions for homes, apartments, offices, retail spaces, and more. From start to finish, our service guarantees top-quality equipment, professional installation, and reliable post-installation support, enabling you to enjoy a consistently comfortable environment.

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About Us

Cool Cats Air Conditioning Services is a top tier heating, cooling and renewable energy company in Lowestoft East Anglia specialising with installation of bespoke cooling and heating solutions for domestic and commercial customers. 

We are committed to promoting energy efficiency by providing high quality products and services while maintaining low running costs for the client. 

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